The Pony-Go-Round
Sorry to say that this pony ride service is no longer available at this time
Please click on the Happy Tails Pet Lodge link if you'd like to board your pet with us- Thank you!

We bring our pony to YOU, decorated"!

Count on The Pony-Go-Round to make your Birthday Party dreams come true! We are a family business and  have been coordinating and performing children's pony parties for over 15 years. Having children of our own, we know how important your child's birthday is to you. We will make your child's special day everything you hoped for. 

We offer children's pony rides for Birthday Parties, Family Cookouts, Corporate Events, Fundraisers, Church Picnics, etc. Our services include minimum of  45 minute  pony rides with either Winnie or Chloe; carrot or apple feeding after the pony rides; Temporary tattoos while the children wait in line for their pony rides; We decorate our pony with ribbon on the mane and tail and would be happy to coordinate colors to your party theme upon request if possible. We always have an adult leading our ponies and a second guiding the child along-side the pony. We do offer pony souvenirs or gifts upon request(this request does require 2 week advance notice or more.)

Upon request, during the warmer months we do welcome our friendly dwarf bunnies - Thumper and Daphney for petting and feeding while your child awaits their pony ride. (holding on lap only).

Ponies prefer to be ridden on a flat grassy surface, but they will also be happy on driveways or a quiet street location. The number of rides each child receives depends upon the number of riders and the size of the area.  Two ponies are available for larger groups.

One hour pony rides are recommended for 20 or more children.  Additional 10 minute increments may be purchased @ $10.00 per 10 min. increments.  Prices do vary depending on the location of your gathering.  I will be glad to quote you a price once I receive your address. 

If the weather does not cooperate with your plans, we will do our best by adjusting the time of your party or rescheduling it for another day.  If a "mess" is deposited on your property, we will clean it up, unless you prefer to keep it for your garden!

We look forward to making your child's day special!

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